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Hyun-ho Joo

Visiting Assistant Professor

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.; University of Chicago, East Asian Languages and Civilizations; 2010
  • MA; University of Texas at Austin, Asian Languages and Literatures; 2003
  • MA; Yonsei University, Seoul Korea, Chinese Language and Literature; 1997
  • BA; Yonsei University, Seoul Korea, Chinese Language and Literature; 1995


Hyun-ho Joo is an Associate Professor at Yonsei University's Wonju Campus in Korea. His research interests are the history of Sino-Korean relations and the cultural interactions between China and Korea in the early twentieth century. He is currently working on Korean print media's delivery of China-related news as a strategy of disseminating Korean nationalism under the Japanese colonial censorship.

He received his Ph.D. from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. He has taught courses such as "Contemporary Issues in East Asian Culture," "Society and Culture of East Asia," "Colonizations," "World Literature: East Asia," and "World History: East Asia".


  • Asian Studies


  • modern Chinese history
  • modern Korean history
  • history of Sino-Korean relations
  • Chinese culture and society
  • Korean cultuer and society
  • Chinese intellectual history
  • modern Chinese literature
  • modern Korean literature


  • "The Jingbao as Late Qing China's News Medium and Its Reports on Korean Affairs," Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 13.2: 235-249 (October 2013)
  • "Returning to the Past to Confront the Present: The Rediscovery of Mozi in Late Qing and Early Republican China," Chungguk omunhak nonjip [The Journal of Chinese Language and Literature] 78: 507-521 (February 2013)
  • "Remaking a Tributary Relationship: The Representation of Choson Korea in the Jingbao," The Journal of Asian History 45: 119-133 (December 2011)