Advisors for the Undergraduate Minor in Southeast Asia

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Victoria Beard
Community-based planning & poverty alleviation in Indonesia, Thailand & Cambodia City & Regional Planning
200 W. Sibley Hall
(607) 255-5385
Anne Blackburn
South Asian religions; Buddhism in Sri Lanka & Southeast Asia; Pali & Sinhalese literature, religion, colonialism & nationalism Asian Studies
346 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 254-6501
Abby Cohn
Southeast Asian linguistics (Indonesia) Linguistics
226B Morrill Hall
(607) 255-1747
Magnus Fiskesjo
Associate Professor
History & political anthropology; interethnic relations; cultural heritage; archaeology; museums & modernity Anthropology
204 McGraw Hall
(607) 255-6777
Chiara Formichi
Associate Professor
Southeast Asian studies - Islam Asian Studies
331 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 254-6366
Arnika Fuhrmann
Associate Professor
Southeast Asian cultures, religions, literature & visual culture Asian Studies
340 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-3162
Tamara Loos
Southeast Asian history; colonialism; gender; modernity History
301 McGraw Hall
(607) 254-5332
Kaja McGowan
Associate Professor
Southeast Asia, Indonesia; gender studies; colonialism; landscape & the human body; material culture History of Art
GM05 Goldwin Smith Hall
(607) 255-7068
Tom Pepinsky
Comparative & international politicial economy; authoritarianism; politics & finance; Southeast Asian politics; Islam Government
322 White Hall
(607) 255-4195
Eric Tagliacozzo
Modern Southeast Asian history & culture; maritime networks; material culture; Islam in Southeast Asia History
346 McGraw Hall
(607) 254-6564
Keith Taylor
Sino-Vietnamese studies; history & literature of Vietnam; translation Asian Studies
380 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-3237
Marina Welker
Associate Professor
Power, culture, & society in Southeast Asia; Indonesia in cultural & historical perspective Anthropology
200 McGraw Hall
Andrew Willford
Ethnicity; nationalism, globalization; psychoanalysis; religious revivalism; Malaysia; India Anthropology
211 McGraw Hall
(607) 255-2686