Anti-Racism Solidarities & Resources

Violence against persons self- and/or other-identified as "Asian" has a regrettably and painfully deep history in the U.S., stretching across centuries.  During the last twelve months, the intersection between the Covid-19 pandemic and a variety of anti-"foreign"/ anti-"outsider" discourses circulating nationally and globally have further contributed to these acts of racist aggression.

As the Department of Asian Studies' Mission Statement indicates, the Department stands against these acts, as we continue to stand against all acts of racist violence, bias, and inequity.  Members of the Department (students, staff, and faculty) work to analyze and combat such exclusionary practices through learning and teaching, peer-support and mentoring, scholarship, and activism.

Cornell's Asian American Studies Program has provided a list of resources that may further support these endeavors.  These resources include points of connection and solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

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