Asian Studies Major wins J.Live Talk Prize

Asian Studies major, Robert Duanmu, won the first prize at JLive Talk 2016 on November 13th!  J.LIVE (Japanese Learning Inspired Vision and Engagement) Talk is a Japanese speech contest, organized by The George Washington University, for college-level students.  

"This competition emphasizes a comprehensive range of learned communication skills. Unlike a traditional speech contest, this competition will evaluate the dynamism, vision and level of engagement of each participant’s presentation, which can include audio-visual materials, audience interaction, and other innovations that enhance his or her talk in a manner similar to the TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) talks. The competition aims to provide a platform for graduate and undergraduate students of institutions of higher education to:

  • showcase their proficiency in Japanese
  • polish their public speaking skills
  • share ideas from their unique perspectives and
  • connect with the larger Japanese-affiliated community."

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