Building and cataloging a world of games at Cornell

Writing about and doing scholarship about games is still a rapidly growing field.
In a project called Forging Connections, Cornell scholars are creating and cataloging a world of games at Cornell. They are developing a collection of games, both digital and analog, in the Cornell Library, and connecting that to teaching across disciplines and courses.

Six civic media fellows are all working on interactive art and games, and more colleagues are interested in different colleges.

“It's growing fast,” says Andrew Campana, assistant professor of Asian Studies, “and I think we're all sharing this experience of finding that students are so keen to engage and to learn because they've grown up with games now, they see them as a completely valid art form and also as a way of exploring issues of identity and meaning and how they engage with the world.”

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		screen showing game-style text that says "Gaming in the 1980s"