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Cornell's primary locus for the study of Asian humanities

Department of Asian Studies

The department is the home for instruction in the languages, literatures, religions, cultures, and intellectual histories of Asian societies and is one of the few departments in America that offers instruction in social sciences, the humanities and languages across all three regions of Asia: East Asia (China, Japan and Korea), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), and South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). The Department is committed to the examination of social, political, and cultural formations that transcend traditional national and areal boundaries.

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Department of Asian Studies Mission Statement

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Winter Study, Research, and Service Travel Grants Applications

You can have the opportunity to spend part of winter break or a summer in an Asian country on an Asian Studies Study, Research, and Service Travel Grant that would provide funding for travel and living expenses.

Applications due October 12th.

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Department of Asian Studies Employment Opportunities

The Department of Asian Studies is now seeking applications for three faculty positions. Deadline for applications for all positions is October 14, 2022.