Dissertations and Theses Titles

Titles of Ph.D. Dissertations in Asian Literature, Religion & Culture

Akepiyapornchai, Manasicha

Voices of Self-surrender: Religious Multilingualism in Medieval South India

Awasthi, Tarinee The Possibilities and Impossibility of History: Writing Srividya in the Late Second Millennium
Sireerat, Tinakrit Looking North: Hokkaido's Farms, Lanna's Forests, and the Colonial Natures of Knowledge in Nineteenth Century Japan and Siam
Yoon, Nari Worlding Korea: (Post)Colonial Aesthetics of the Park Chung Hee Era
Harding, Andrew The Figure of Zainichi: Resident Korean Fiction and Post-Imperial Subjectivity in Japan
McQuade, Paul Departures: The Work of Tawada Yoko
Park, Jahyon Webtoons and Masculinity: Melodrama and Sympathetic Imagination in Contemporary South Korean Digital Media
Tran, Hoai Khai Poetry and Prophecy of Reclusion: The Life and Writings of Vietnamese Scholar Nguyen Van Dat (A.K.A. Nguyen Binh Khiem), 1491-1586
Nag Chowdhuri, Yagna Assembling the Figure: Gurus, Seekers and the Pedagogy of Self-Transformation
Thomas, Dexter Nigger and Japs: Right-wing hip-hop and the black model minority in Japan
Buyco, Ryan Islands of Entanglement: Reading a Transpacific Okinawa in the Philippines and Hawai'i
Mendoza, Andrea Akarui Uncanny: Race, Sex Work, and Knowledge Under Occupation; Transpacific Nonencounters: Race, Literature, and Thought at the Ends of Area
Kunigami, A. Keiji Of Clouds and Bodies: Film and the Dislocation of Vision in Brazilian and Japanese Interwar Avant-gardes
Lee, I-Zhuen Medicating the Gods: Kokugaku, Nature, and the Body in Mid-Eighteenth Century Japan
Polmuk, Chairat Atmospheric Archives: Post-Cold War Affect and the Buddhist Temporal Imagination in Southeast Asian Literature and Visual Culture
Chen, Xiangjing The Untamed Outside: Imagination and Practice of Agrarian Commune in People's Republic of China
Golovkova, Anna A Goddess for the Second Millennium: Trangression and Transformation in the Hindu Tantric Worship of Tripurasundari
Grillo, Tyran Cats, Dogs, and Cyborgs: Transcending the Human-Animal Divide in Contemporary Japanese Literature
Kinjo, Masaki Internal Revolution: The Postwar Okinawan Literature of Kiyota Masanobu and Medoruma Shun
Vo, Eileen Nho Problematizing the Ambivalent Role of Interpreters and Translation in Colonial Vietnam 1862-1945
Zhang, Ning Sisterly Same-Sex Sentiment: Non-erotic Female Relationships in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Society


Titles of M.A. Theses in Asian Studies

Jing, Yuanxue

Post-Shōjo: Women in Josei Manga after 2010

Loebell, Daniel

Nepal: The BIT-less Holdout among India’s Belt-and-Road Neighbors

Luo, Jiaxin The Thirty-two Manifestations of Guanyin: A Guide on Meditation
Sukmono, Nikita Secular Pasts for Religious Futures: Political Nostalgia and Civilian Discourse of Institutional Responsibility in Indonesia
Dong, Jiacheng Transcendence Through Elixir Ingestion: A Comparative Analysis of Du Guangting and Huang Xiufu
Jin, Cordelia From Kokugo to Nihongo in the Context of the History of the Japanese Language; Maintaining International World Peace through Racial Hierarchy as determined by English Fluency
Tang, Lishu Swallowing an Iron Moon and Eating a Persimmon: Chinese Supaltern Poets in Documentary Films
Xu, Yixin From Painting to Decorative Art - Chinese Export Wallpaper
Chen, Keyu The Effects of Reducing Parent-Child Information Frictions on Students' Academic Performance: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Elliot, Claire

From Lanka to Lan Na: Regional Bhikkhuni Identity and Transnational Buddhist Networks

Gong, Qingyi The Wei-Jin Spirit as Exhibited by Women in the Shishuo Xinyu in the Private Family Space
Tritrakarn, Ornwara Negotiating multiple identities: Becoming and un-becoming "Thai" Muslims
Vongagsorn, Kittipong A Study of the Composition, Transmission, and Development of the KASYAPAPARIVARTA
Wang, Yuanping Writing Roads: Worker Storytelling, Karmic Haunting, and the Management of Construction in China
Zhang, Xinwen The Rural Video Influencers in China: On the New Edge of Urbanization
Chia, Kim Chwee Measuring Islamisation in Indonesia: The Practice of Islam in Central Java and West Sumatra During Reformasi
Dai, Qiao A Study of Burmese History and Language within the Southwestern Silk Road Regional Sphere
Durand, Katherine Habitual Silence: Absenting (Trans)National Memories in Postwar Japan
Gagrat, Jeh An Examination of the Executive Tools used to influence judicial appointments to the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts in the context of the Indian Emergency (1975-77)
Hu, Yinyin Ancestor worship, supernaturalism, and Gia Long's court: landscape of religious institutions in Gia Dinh at the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty
Liang, Yuan Two Cases of Chinese Internet Studies
Matsuda, Michael Fear Factor: Food Safety and Visual Media in Post-Fukushima Japan/Revising Tenzo Kyokun
Nott, Lavanya The RTE Act in Bengaluru: A Study in the Contradictions of Neoliberal Welfare
Wang, Anke Translating the Vietnam War: Cultural Networks between China and Vietnam (1964-1966)
Sajjapala, Kritapas Thailand-Vietnam Relations in the 1990s
Sun, Mengxi Rediscovering Cotton Breeding in the Beiyang Era: The Cruciality of Human Capital
Wang, Mingxuan Constructing the Chan Tradition: The Two-way Transmission Between Jingschan Temple and Kencho-ji Temple
Emmanuel, Kaitlin Lionel Wendt: Between Empire and Nation
Lax, James Modern Religious Movements of Colonial South Asia: The Origins of Revival and Reform
Seiler, Nils Andrew Silver and Mother-of-Pearl: Some Comments on Perception and Doubt in Pre-Modern South Asia
Suwanto, Harry The Bald Eagle and the Garuda: A History of American Encounters with the East Indies in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Thant, Aye Min Choosing to be LGBT: Gender and Sexuality Activism in Contemporary Myanmar
Weintraub, Jonathan Factors Influencing the Movement of Southeast Asian Fighters to Isis: A Comparison of Indonesia and Malaysia
Akepiyapornchai, Manasicha Vedantadesika's Interpretation of Ramanuja's Prapatti: A Study Based on the Nikseparaksa
Croteau, Chantal Competing Modes of Remembrance: Tsunami Commemoration in Takuapa, Thailand