Affiliated & Field Faculty

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South Asia, Developmental Sociology
South Asia, Economics
China, Government

Zhihong Chen
CAPS (China-Asia Pacific Studies), Chinese language, History

Abigail Cohn
Southeast Asia, Linguistics

Magnus Fiskesjo
China & Southeast Asia, Anthropology

TJ Hinrichs
China, History

Peter Katzenstein
Japan, Government

Sarosh C. Kuruvilla
South and Southeast Asia, Industrial and Labor Relations

Tamara L. Loos
Southeast Asia, History

Thomas P. Lyons
China, Economics

Kaja McGowan
Southeast Asia, History of Art

Satya Mohanty
South Asia, English

Viranjini Munasinghe
South Asia, Anthropology

Victor Nee
China, Sociology

Alan Nussbaum
South Asia, Classics

An-Yi Pan
China, Art History

Thomas Pepinsky
Southeast Asia, Government

Eric Tagliacozzo
Southeast Asia, History

Henry Y. Wan, Jr.
China/Japan, Economics

Marina Welker
Southeast Asia, Anthropology

John B. Whitman
Japan/Korea, Linguistics

Andrew Willford
Southeast Asia, Anthropology

Lindy Williams
Southeast Asia, Development Sociology