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Advisors for the Undergraduate Minor in South Asian Studies

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Anindita Banerjee
Associate Professor
South Asian literature and film; the production of space; construction of religious, ethnic, & national identities Comparative Literature
216 Klarman Hall
(607) 255-7781
Anne Blackburn
South Asian religions; Buddhism in Sri Lanka & Southeast Asia; Pali and Sinhalese literature, religion, colonialism & nationalism Asian Studies
346 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 254-6501
Dan Boucher
Associate Professor
East Asian religions/Buddhism; translation; theory & method in the study of religion Asian Studies
382 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-0723
Iftikhar Dadi
Associate Professor
Modern and contemporary art; critical & postcolonial theory; comparative modernities; art & visual culture of South Asia, Central Asia, & the Middle East History of Art/Art
G37 Goldwin Smith Hall
(607) 255-3330
Durba Ghosh
Associate Professor
Modern South Asia; the British empire, gender, and colonialism History
321 McGraw Hall
(607) 254-5092
Dan Gold
South Asian religions; North Indian devotional movements; urban religion Asian Studies
372 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-1339
Larry McCrea
Sanskrit; South Asian literary, religious and intellectual history Asian Studies
347 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 254-6738
Viranjini Munasinghe
Associate Professor
Anthropology; South Asia diaspora; ethnicity; race; nationalism; transnationalism Anthropology
205 McGraw Hall
(607) 255-6738
Alan Nussbaum
Sanskrit comparative grammar, elementary & intermediate Sanskrit Linguistics
324 Goldwin Smith Hall
(607) 255-8331
Lucinda Ramberg
Assistant Professor
Feminist, postcolonial & queer theories; religion & secularism; medicine & the body; South Asia Anthropology
208 McGraw Hall
Andrew Willford
Ethnicity; nationalism, globalization; psychoanalysis; religious revivalism; Malaysia; India Anthropology
211 McGraw Hall
(607) 255-2686