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Language Proficiency Requirement:

Option 1: Did you complete two semesters of an Asian language at the 2200 level?

Date completed:  _____________________________________

Course(s): __________________________________________


Option 2: Did you test into an Asian language course beyond the 2200 level?

Date: _______________________________________

Course(s): ___________________________________


All Courses Used for Major:

Course# Title Semester Grade Credits
EX: Asian 2212 Introduction to China Fall 2019 A 3

                                                                                                                         Total credits:                     /30

  • All classes counting toward the major need to be completed with a minimum grade of B.
  • 6 credits of language beyond 2200 level (3300 and above) can be used towards the major.
  • Language courses at the 1100 or 2200 levels do not count toward the major.
  • Maximum of 15 transfer credits from study abroad may be applied toward the major.
  • 30 credits are needed to complete the major.


(must complete at least one class in at least two of the three categories)

Course # Title RL*
EX: Asian 2222 The World of Modern Japan     X

*Religious Studies (RL)
*Literature & Linguistics (LL)
*Society & Culture (SC)

Other Requirements:

(must complete one course at both the 3300 and 4400 levels, with no cross numerical substitution)

Course # Title
EX: Asian 3308 Issues in Contemporary China II

Also required is a written entry statement of roughly 750 words describing your core academic interest and your object in choosing the Asian Studies major.

Date of Completion:  _________________________________