Shiqi Lin

Klarman Postdoctoral Fellow


Shiqi Lin is a Klarman Postdoctoral Fellow working at the intersections of Chinese media cultures, Asian cultural criticism, media theory and ethnography, and political theory. Her research is broadly guided by the question of how critical media cultures may push open new conditions for intervention and togetherness during drastic global social changes. Her current book project examines the dispersion of documentary practices across Chinese film, literature, podcast, digital video, and social media as a collective effort to address structural crises of globalization in the post-2008 period. Her next project engages with imaginations of cohabitation and border-crossing in millennial Chinese popular music as it traveled from analog to digital media infrastructures and indexed intercultural exchanges across East and Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. At Cornell and beyond, she is committed to creative formats of dialogue and collaboration for theorizing critical times of global change across disciplinary, regional, and institutional borders.


Research Focus

  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Media & Cultural Studies
  • Media Theory and Ethnography
  • Transmediality (Literature, Film, Sound & Music, Digital Media)
  • Critical Theory
  • Asian and Transpacific Cultural Criticism
  • Global Political Theory